So much has been written already about the massive juggernaut that is Star Wars. Articles exploring the various references to the prequels to conspiracy theories about who Rey is related to. This list will not have any sway with those who make this grand series it is simply the top 7 reasons I’m happy Star Wars is back.


7 R2-D2 and C-3PO are back.Yes C-3PO has a new red arm and is as awkward as ever but I for one am glad he is back. He is the quintessential cultured guy in these films. Not only can he speak several different languages but adds non human comedy relief.  R2 is not bad either, although he doesn’t come to life until the very end of Episode VII his presence as the loyal buddy of Luke does not disappoint.

6 Rey is a strong brunette.

She has great company in Princess Leia., Wonder Woman, and Belle from Beauty and The Beast. She is smart and can kick butt. This may seem a trivial thing but as a young girl who liked to climb trees and read books all my dolls were blond or ponies with rainbow locks.  Even Storm from the X-Men had grey hair. This brown haired (with a dusting of gray) blogger is happy to see it.

5 Princess Leia is now a general and has aged without Nabooian Botox.

Seeing that Leia has aged is wonderful to me. She not only can command the rebels but can rock a leather vest better than any twenty-something. Having a quiet strength even after the death of her husband by the hand of her only child (this fact has been debated and I am going to stuck with what the film gives me to work with).

4 More cool toys

Yes I love the tie-in to the movie. They are everywhere from makeup to cereal. I even saw a toilet seat cover on etsy. The toys are hands down the best part of the franchise. No more is it unacceptable to have your very own Chewbacca doll at the age of 39.

3 George Lucas is finally recognized for the prequels

Sure at the time we were all upset that the prequels were vastly different than the original trilogy. I still liked them on their own and found the technical achievement to be astounding. Lucas has finally had his day, years after they were released many critics are starting to see past the stiffness of the actors to see the underlying gem. As a family we watched all six episodes for our New Year’s celebration. There were definite problems with the execution of Episodes I-III, maybe some of the sequences could have been shortened or the dialog could have been rewritten. Over all though they were original, Lucas is a master world builder. I’d watch Attack of The Clones any day, I would fast-forward some of the relationship scenes but I still enjoy the mystery of it all.

2 Han Solo Dies

Call me cruel if you want. Episode VII would not have any teeth if Han hadn’t died. Harrison Ford wields a blaster like nobody’s business and no one can truly fill his tall boots, yet the series had no chance of growing without one of our favorites biting the big one. This also shows that Disney is not afraid to take out one of the most beloved characters in all of cinema. I am looking forward to see where they go with this.

1 The Expanded Universe

Just this week Disney announced the release dates of five Star Wars universe movies. This should not be a surprise to anyone. With the acquisition of Marvel Disney learned a thing or two about the popularity of cross pollinating platforms. Star Wars has that same potential and starting next winter the expanded universe brings us an X-wing fighter lead movie. Hopefully we won’t burn out from a galaxy far far away fatigue.

There you have it my top 7 reasons I’m glad the good old gang is back. One thing I left off the list was the costuming of the series in general. I will tackle that on a later blog post.

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