We are now in thick of the coldest season of the year, and what a season it has been so far.  We have all seen the struggling commuter scrapping off  cars to get to work on time during the worst snow storm in 20 years. With the ever frequent polar events descending on the US no wonder many want the season just to end. Winter can be beautiful if we take the time to stop, breath, and share the hot coco.

If you live in a tropical climate or in the dark north you may not know what a snow day is. A snow day is primarily a forced day off for weather related reasons. Growing up on islands and coasts (navy brat am I) we would have hurricane days or tropical storm days. These are usually made up at the end of the school year for kids and can possibly be paid time off for adults. If your office is closed and your kids are home it is a perfect time to put down the scraper and to pick up a book.

Cabin fever can quickly settle in if precautions are not taken. Board games, tv, and device games are always good options but the best for the soul of your home and your sanity will always be books. Nothing beats a good fire, a warm blanket, and a round robin book reading. A round-robin is an older term used when a group of friends would write a tangible (paper) letter and send it to a friend and that friend would then send it to the next friend on the list. This would happen until every friend received all the letters. Then they would start over again. We would often do this with books, we would pick a book and each one of us would read a chapter then hand the book off to the next one in the circle. I loved reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that way. We all had our own ways of voicing the main characters.


Everyone; no matter their station in life, color, culture, or age wants to be heard. The very few minutes we have per day for our families can be made the most meaningful in our lives. Take the opportunity to declare a snow day for your home.

  • Plan a day where there is nothing scheduled outside your home
  • Prepare a special dish that is only served once or twice a year. ( waffles is a favorite)
  • Have a great book handy. Something fun and light for the whole family to love.
  • Turn off all screens. This one is important, no distractions means more time for  imagination.
  • Be silly and let your kids be silly. Use different voices for the characters.


Books will become more a part of your lives and your children may just turn a page instead of turning on a game. Plan ahead and this can go smoothly for your family.

Remember the snow and ice outside your doors may keep you from leaving but they don’t keep you from loving.

What do you do with your family on a forced snow day?

How do you cope with your ever hurried schedule?

What tips do you have to chase away cabin fever?