I am a home body. Nothing brings me as much joy as baking for my family or sewing in my studio. That is how I spend my days during the winter months. Then the cool mornings and warm afternoons of Spring wake me up. So much work to be done: perennials to split, soil to amend, flower beds to till, trees to prune.  One of the unintended pleasures of putting in the hard work is the abundance of flowers. If you’re like me don’t just throw away your extra blooms bring them in-doors. This list is includes alternative plants to include in  your flower projects. Tulips and daffodils are still part of my happy.

I have compiled 4 great ideas to bring  your spring garden inside. This list is simply the byproduct of opening my windows, allowing the breeze to carry the scent of my front garden into the house.

Lilac and Mint

Our Lilac had bloomed and the mint I planted at it’s base added a hint of freshness to the air.  I paired them using a simple mason jar, a tumbler or any glass you have on hand will work. I also included a few sprigs of lemon balm and honey suckle. This arrangement will last for about two weeks in a nice cool area of your home. Note the mint and  lemon balm will develop roots if left long enough.

Lilac mint collage


Mini Hyacinth and Lemon Balm

I have a hard time throwing any fragrant flowers away even if they do not work in an arrangement. These small buds can be saved as small boutonniere type arrangements. Having just reorganized my seeds a set of corked bottles were sitting near my sink. I am a sucker for those wedding favors bottles sets. They are the most inexpensive way to purchase a large amount of this type of bottles. Good deals on  bottles can be found on line but if you want no more than 20 the wedding sets are the way to go. All the uses for these bottles are for another post.

The use of this combo can be set on tables at a luncheon or in the bathroom for a fresh scent.

Lilac bottle


Apple Blossom and Flax

We have a  prolific apple tree in our back garden. Apple trees bloom but produce to their fullest every other year. I take the opportunity to prune a few branches each Spring to control the apple yield. These subtle sweet smelling flowers add not only interest to an arrangement but a welcoming scent.

Using a classic rose vase I bundled the branches loosely. Replacing Baby’s Breath with the bright blue of flax made this arrangement for me. Although flax is not the most fragrant it does have a herb flavor to any arrangement.

apple flax collage

Apple and Crystal

Carrying on the theme of little waste I grabbed a crystal candy dish for an elegant shallow arrangement. A shallow bowl is key to allow the tiny branches to reach the water but not swim. This is a great way to display violas as well.

apple crystal collage

I do hope my joy of Spring will help to inspire you. Keep in mind when planning your garden color, shape, and scent should be considered for your over all design.

Share your ideas and nontraditional plant pairings here.