With all the news floating around about how unhealthy soda is; I set out to create a few drinks that keep the fizz in my life.  After much experimentation two star recipes emerged. You can recreate these summer themed drinks in less than 2 minutes and for under .75c per serving.

Cherry Fizz

You’ll Need:

Frozen Cherries

Chilled Seltzer Water

1/4 tsp Truvia/Steevia Powder

Air Tight Bottle

This drink is simple but does take a little time. First you add a handful of whole frozen cherries to the bottle. Fill bottle with seltzer leaving about 2/3 inches for mixing purposes, then add the Truvia. Close bottle and gently shake allowing the Truvia to fully dissolve. Chill for 30 min and enjoy.

Cherry fizz

Energy Float

You’ll Need:

One can of any V8 Energy flavor


Vanilla Ice Cream

This drink is a new twist on a classic ice-cream float. After the fizz subsides, the creaminess cools you off, you are ready to stay up to catch fire flies.

V8 enerfy float