Along with my love for sewing and designing I have special place in my heart for the effects heavy film with an A-list cast that didn’t do well in the box office. Gods of Egypt is one of those movies.

I have to admit I liked this movie. The CGI was amazing, the acting exceptional, the great attention to getting Egyptian Mythology correct showed. Unfortunately this film was not seen by many. The production was plagued with critiques about white washing the characters. This is a legitimate concern to many actors of color. Why portray Egyptian gods primarily with white actors when Egypt is in Africa? It all has to do with family.   If you are interested in a movie about a son and an uncle at war with a pretty bad ass grandfather in the mix who all happen to be gods then most likely this film is for you. If you aren’t up for cheesy underworld story lines and giants battling it out then you should pass on this one.  

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