After many years of designing and creating costumes there are a few things that I cannot create from scratch.  One of those items is shoes. A good solid pair of shoes can make our break a comic con.  So I developed this 4 step process.

You’ll need:

1. First I did a little shopping.  This technique will work on any leather or synthetic leather shoe but I try to find a shoe with good lines or even interesting structural details. Thrift shops or second hand stores are good places to find inexpensive foot wear.

2. Once you find the pair that works with your costume make sure they fit properly by following the instructions here. Prepping the leather is easy. Using both the cotton swabs and cotton rounds clean the surface of the shoe with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.

*Be sure to use as little as possible the alcohol can dry out the leather.

3. Depending on your shoe tape off sections of the shoe you do not want painted.   Paint your shoe with what ever design matches your costume. Let dry between coats. we suggest at least 2 coats. Let dry overnight.

*If you are trying to achieve a two toned look, we do suggest you begin with the lighter of the two colors. The darker paint will help to define the base color.

4. Once dried, gently buff each shoe with clear leather shoe polish using the microfiber cloth. This step protects the paint from chipping.

If you try my method of customizing your leather uppers share the results with us.






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