As a seamstress I’m asked to create everything from wedding dresses to custom cosplay. Fine details bring together a look and may require a bit of fabrication. Working on multiple projects at a time can quickly get messy that is why I want to share with you my tried and true small painting table prep tips. 

This will literally take you 5 minutes to put together.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper towels 
  • Craft paper/freezer paper (Freezer paper has a coating that can protect your table from spills and can be found at any grocery store.)
  • Sectioned kid plate
  • Water (cup or spray bottle)
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Jar or can
  • Bead tweezers
  • Your paint of choice

Depending on the item to be painted always start with a clean flat area with good ventilation. 

  1. Cover an area at least three times the size of your project with your paper of choice.  
  2.  An old kid’s plate is my preferred palate for crafting. Most sections can acommidate foam brushes or even a small paint roller.  Squeeze your prefered colors onto the plate.
  3. These brushes are my go to brushes for any project.  One foam brush, a beveled stiff horse hair brush, and fine detailing brush. 
  4. Water is a staple for any painting project, but consider a spray bottle as well.  Spray a small stack of paper towels for easy brush clean up.
  5.  A can or a jar is used as a mini pedistal for hands free turning and detailing.  
  6. Use the bead tweezers to grip small items like jewelry with minimal handling.  
  7. Always have paper towels on hand. 

Let me know how you prep your table. 

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