The garden is one of my favorite places. My cottage garden is filled with long stemmed flowers ready to brighten my home. While roses and Shasta Daisies are always in abundance through out the Summer, Irises produce maybe two flowers per plant from May to June* . I do love bringing them into the house the subtle smell can’t be beat, but with each cut flower I enjoy my garden less.

Love this time of year. #putteringinthegarden #gardening #aprilshowersbringmayflowers

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So this year I created a small bulb garden for my front room. All you need are 4 things to have your very own mini iris indoor garden.20170422_115818_20170424213943078.jpg

  1. A wide shallow basin (I used a glass fruit bowl): First read the planting instructions on the the bulb packaging. Choose a basin that will accommodate the amount of soil the instructions call for.
  2. Fine gravel: Fill the bottom of the basin with at least 2 inches of gravel (I used fish tank gravel for color but any small sized gravel will do). This allows the bulbs to stay moist but not sopping when watered. 20170422_115907.jpg
  3. Potting soil: choose a good potting soil mix designed to regulate moisture content. 20170424_115419_20170424115904462.jpg
  4. Mini iris bulbs: Choose any color you like.
  5. Place garden in a sunny spot keeping the soil moist.

Once bloomed this little piece of the outdoors will brighten a small corner of your home. Share your mini garden with me here.

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