I’m an unapologetic crafter. We all have our favorite crafting “genre”, my particular affinity goes to sewing. More specifically garment creation and repair. This means I have to have a variety of notions on hand for any given project that may come my way. This month I’m dedicating this space to how I keep my notion organized.

One thing is for sure: a lot of time is spent in my crafting studio. Dedicating at least 4 hours a day on crafting or custom sewing projects requires my notions to be easily accessible and looking good. Sure I can go to any big box craft store and find clean-lined, white craft storage systems or the color coded notion containers. All handy but in my eyes have no personality.

When I set out to create my craft haven I decided on a color scheme knowing I would add items as need warranted. I stick to a 3 color rule (which I will go into further in a future post) choosing items that are silver, white, or metallic teal. The color rule paired with my love for vintage crystal is on my mind as I shop.

1: Cosmetic/ Jewelry Jars

Here I’ve chosen to use cosmetic jars I found in the bathroom section of Target. They were a little pricey but I know I will use them for years to come. Price; $5.38 a jar.

20170620_122007.jpg IMG_20170627_160429_268.jpg


2: Vintage Crystal/Glass Candy Dishes

A classic candy dish always looks good. For my vintage metal clothespins to a wet sponge for better grip on fine fabrics. Also shown here a vintage inspired ice cream dish from none other than Walmart. Used for measuring, and lip-balm storage. Candy dish price: .50c at any thrift shop. Ice-cream dish: $3.50 individually $15.68 in a set of 4.

20170620_121952.jpg 20170706_105211.jpg

3: Crystal Restaurant Ware

Chalk is an essential sewing tool. I found that not only is regular school chalk the least expensive but the most versatile. Here a simple sugar packet dish works well. Price: $1.00 at my local dollar market.


Really anything that is shiny or adds a little bling to your craft room can work. One great thing about these items is the easy clean up. When doing a deep cleaning you can throw glass or crystal in the dish washer (depending on the settings of your dishwasher hand washing may be called for) and get a sparkling piece you would want to look at everyday. Also the transparency of the containers allows me to easily find what I need.

There is always a need for good organizing solutions. There’s more to come.

What do you use to dress up your creative space?

Let me me know here or catch me on social media to see more tips.

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