We’ve all been there;  Christmas morning comes and you’re left with a pile of discarded wrapping and new toys with accessories scattered across the floor.  I love to solve problems with sewing, this was a challenge I had to take.

Challenge: Create products to solve the Christmas morning loot mess that is reusable and fun to use.

Solution: Two amazingly simple fabric organization vessels.

  1. First up Controller Cozies.
    • My kids love Legos, Fingerlings, POP figures, etc… You name it they’ve collected it. Toys with tiny parts or accessories inspired these bags;  with a tear drop shape to cradle earphones or console gaming controllers on one side while holding some of the smaller straight edged items like Legos on the other. As shown I also made it easy to separate each kid’s items with a draw string that can be hung on hooks. The flannel lining allows for a soft touch for electronics. 
    • Details:
      Fully Reversible
      Machine Washable[URIS id=525]
  2. Reversible Cloth Bowls
    • Again a soft reusable solution to the glut of paper waste we see each holiday season.  These pouches expand into a fabric box ready for anything from candy to art supplies. The drawstring makes the box close without need for extra wrapping.
    • Just fill, pull the drawing tight and give. You can even turn it inside out for a different look. Shown here in the three available styles:
      Country Cream Forest
      Candy Land
      Red Reindeer Flannel
      Fabrics subject to availability.
      Comes in a set of 2 coordinating bowls.

[URIS id=526]

Let me know how your small toy solutions are working for you and follow my etsy shop for more organization ideas for geeks.

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