For the last few months my family has turned our home upside down. To make our home a place of refuge for a family in need we began a Robison project that encompassed my sewing studio.

Since my first love is God, my second is family, my third crafting moving my creative space was a no brainer. We pow-wowed and realized our only true option was to build a new studio on our property. I needed something close, a place separate from our home that was comparable to the size and shape of my current studio. We chose to build a “She Shed”: a shed built for a woman’s rest and relaxation. Some call these little spaces hen huts or lady lairs. We chose to call my new space a She Shanty to hearken back to my roots as a Navy brat.

Although I had anticipated starting my new YouTube channel later this year to showcase my crafty geekness, I have launched it early so you can come along for the ride.

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