As a mom, business owner, and creative person sometimes I just want to have some fun with my sisters. I must confess over the last 23 years I have had one girls trip and it did not go well. After the trip I have avoided going on weekend getaways with people I was obligated to go with.  Going on a trip should be fun and relaxing.  I’m a list girl. I love bullet pointing out my thoughts so here is a list of 5 things I learned from a bad weekend girls trip.

  1. Make sure you all have at least two interests in common. Not everyone will want to learn how to dye artisan silk scarves or work out at the crack of dawn.
  2. Have a budget in common. If you are willing to only spend $600 on the trip and your gals want to drop $600 on dinner you will always feel like the Debbie downer of the trip.
  3. Pick friends with your same humor level. Not everyone gets my self deprecating jokes and think I’m negative.
  4. Pack as many changes of clothes as possible. You don’t want to be stuck with your PJ top from the Hanes section in Walmart as your only clean shirt when you have an opportunity to hit the club.
  5. Keep your expectations down to a minimum. Something will go wrong and if you have chosen your trip mates wisely.

Now that I am ready to try again with my crafty or nerdy friends I’m looking for a trip that is less than a one day drive away from Salt Lake city, has an artistic element to it, is affordable, and preferably a place I can read a book next to some kind of water.  I am still researching and will fill you in on what we decide to do. In the meantime I have a list of possible trips we will be considering:

  • Tree house hotels
  • Flea Market Festivals
  • Seattle
  • Artist retreats
  • Disney land
  • CA Beach trip

I will keep you posted on what we choose.

Tell me what tips you have for successful girls weekend.



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