DIY Pop Culture Craft, Sewing , and Gardening projects.

Pop-Culture Yoga Bags Crafting

Now in my early 40’s I’ve found the geek life of gaming, cosplay, and crafting is mostly sedentary. It’s tough being a geek and finding time to get to the gym. So to get myself back in shape I gave myself an incentive. I sat…

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Take Adult Coloring Up A Notch With Embroidery DIY, Sewing

The world asks for all our time be it work, children, spouses, working out, or Netflix. Ever since the 2015 reemergence of adult coloring books research has shown the therapeutic nature of coloring has tangible affects on one’s mental health. While I am fan…

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Indoor Iris Garden DIY, Gardening, Uncategorized

The garden is one of my favorite places. My cottage garden is filled with long stemmed flowers ready to brighten my home. While roses and Shasta Daisies are always in abundance through out the Summer, Irises produce maybe two flowers per plant from May to…

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